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Safety Management Systems


This course meets and exceeds OSHA’s requirements for 29 CFR 1910.146. Confined space training includes permit-required and non permit-required confined space. Students will learn how to complete a CSE permit, air monitor and select personal protective equipment.

What You'll Learn:

Topics include:

  • Confined space regulations;
  • How to fill out a CSE permit;
  • Hazard evaluation;
  • Roles of confined space personnel;
  • Air monitoring procedures;
  • Respirator protection;
  • Lockout / blockout regulations;
  • Tripod usage (private only);
  • Hands on entry (private only)

Who Should Attend:

Designed for the following confined space entry personnel:

  • Confined space entrants;
  • Confined space attendants;
  • Confined space supervisors.

Available for Private Classes.  Call for Details.

California Specific Permit Required

Confined Space Entry - $150 per person

(Private Classes Also Available)

Regularly Scheduled Classes held on campus at Cal-State University Fullerton