Learn how to manage waste in California and transport hazardous materials. For drivers, loaders or generators who sign the manifest or are responsible for the transportation of hazardous materials. Also for generators who manage hazardous waste (90-day, 180-day area) in California.

Class informs students of the current regulations pertaining to hazardous materials and how to manage hazardous waste in California. Students will also be informed of the new post 9/11 DOT security regulations HM-232.

What You'll Learn:

How to manage hazardous waste in California, all the latest regulatory changes, plus receive updates on key legislative and DTSC actions. Topics include:


  • How to ship hazardous materials / waste
  • How to complete a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
  • New 2018 e-Manifest Rules
  • How to label containers (California & DOT)
  • How to mark container (California & DOT)
  • How to placard containers and trucks
  • Truck driver responsibilities
  • Generator responsibilities
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Segregation of chemicals

RCRA / California Waste Management

  • Large Quantity / Small Quantity generators
  • RCRA and Non-RCRA wastes
  • Container & tank rules in California
  • Segregation of Chemicals
  • Accumulation times
  • Satellite accumulation rules
  • EPA identification number regulations
  • CUPA audit forms
  • Empty containers
  • Universal Wastes (batteries, aerosol cans)
  • Top 10 DTSC violations

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who must comply with Federal and California hazardous waste / materials rules and regulations:

  • CDL drivers w / hazmat endorsement
  • Transporters of hazardous materials
  • Generators who sign manifests
  • On-Site hazardous waste operators and manages
  • TSDF operators
  • Waste brokers
  • Compliance managers
  • Hazardous material employees


Pocket Compliance Guide Included in DOT


Some companies will only need to ship / transport hazardous materials and wastes off site and will only require DOT HAZMAT Certification.  Training includes using the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.  

DOT Required at least Every 3 Years


California Waste Management 

Class includes both shipping and transporting hazardous materials or waste off your site and managing RCRA, Non-RCRA and Universal  hazardous wastes onsite.  

Annual Training for Generators 

Consult your business plan for requirement.

Regularly Scheduled Classes held on campus at Cal-State University Fullerton

California Waste Management & Dot Hazmat HM-181 $275 per person


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